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MBTI Types for The Ephemeral Characters

For The Ephemeral, I created the characters back in high school before I even knew about mbti.  But if I HAD to type the main four ex post facto…

Alex -  INFP - “The Idealist” / “The Mediator”

  • Curious, seeks understanding of the world, a visionary always thinking about “what could be” 

  • Guided by her principles. Relies on her intuition and lets her emotions drive her decision-making

  • Values autonomy, authenticity, and harmony - but will become outspoken if values are challenged (and her values are always challenged lmao)

  • Vivid memories of events (introverted sensing)Introvert, hard to get to know, lots of feelings but not so great at expressing them.  Pretty damn empathetic though. 

I struggle with Alex because she’s basically me (INFJ) if I didn’t avoid conflict and if I said every sarcastic, morbid thought aloud.  But I’m going with a fiery INFP like Anne Shirley Cuthbert - and a bit of a jaded INFP overall.  

William - ISTP - “The Craftsman” / “Virtuoso”

  • Fiercely independent, private person

  • Values freedom and autonomy, doesn’t like commitment

  • Excellent in a crisis, always looking for practical solutions

  • Athletic / well-developed Se

  • Believes firmly in fairness and equality.

  • Lives in the present.

  • Loyal - but known to suddenly shift directions in life 

Fudge - ISFJ - “The Protector” / “Defender”

  • Warm and kindhearted, but still analytical

  • Sensitive to other’s feelings 

  • Values relationships and harmony, very loyal and reliable

  • Strong sense of responsibility and duty 

  • Dislikes the spotlight, usually the man behind the curtain 

Mason - ENTJ - “The Chief” / “Commander”

  • Likes to state his opinions, confident, persistent

  • Logical / strategic mind, kind of sucks at feelings and sensitivity 

  • Intolerant at times

  • Likes structure, bringing order to the world, strict moral code

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