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About Erica Gallegos

During the workday, Erica serves as a program manager for the Nevada Green Business Network, but she spends her evenings developing fantasy worlds. Her favorite genres to write include fantasy, adventure, and science fiction — all with a healthy dash of slowburn romance. She also aims to incorporate a range of female, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ characters in her works.    

Her writing journey began in fifth grade when she wrote and illustrated her first book, Running Rain.  Thirteen years later, she became a "Wattpad Creator" on the popular writing platform — namely for her book series, The Ephemeral, which she drafted in high school. Since then, her novel Breeder has won a Watty Award and garnered over 600,000 reads.

When she's not greening the business sector or stitching character arcs, Erica can be found exploring the natural world and embarking on ridiculous, fantastical adventures of her own.

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