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Romance Novels
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An Extra Pump of Sugar

Ramona Rivas has spent her whole life waiting for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet, and so far, the male species has delivered nothing but pain and disappointment. But as Moe approaches her senior year of college, she decides she's sick of daydreaming. 


Turning her back on romance, she hooks up with Theo Landing, the grumpy barista from her favorite coffee shop, but a one-night stand just isn't enough to satiate the pair. Eager to explore something casual, Moe proposes a friends-with-benefits relationship, insisting she can do so without catching feelings, and Theo, burned by an ex's betrayal, agrees to the arrangement. 


But as Moe spends more time with Theo—in and out of the bedroom—she realizes falling in love is easy; it's denying love entry that's challenging. And day by day, her resolve is splintering.


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